People, culture and learning

The success of KPMG N.V. depends on its people. We set out to attract and retain the best talent, from diverse backgrounds. We engage with our people and provide them with a safe and inclusive working environment where they feel invested in, supported, protected – so they in turn can reach their full potential and service our clients' needs. The wellbeing of our people is key to achieving a high-performance culture, in which all our people embody our five values: Integrity, Excellence, Courage, For Better, Together.

The current skills shortage in professional services is, in part, due to deeper trends: people want companies with a clear purpose that value them – if not, they’re increasingly willing to change jobs. As KPMG N.V., we are finding ways of attracting and retaining people. To do this, over the past year, we have created new career paths, promoted a culture of continuous learning, invested in development – particularly in digital and ESG – and prioritized well-being and psychological safety for our people, as well as inclusion, diversity & equity.

Our priorities for PEOPLE, CULTURE AND LEARNING in 2022/2023


Attract talent and put an innovative resourcing model in place


Retain, engage and develop the strengths of our people, spotlighting ESG and digital


Prioritize culture as a business differentiator


Through strong leadership, increase our focus on People

Material topics for people, culture and learning

  • Well-being of our workforce

  • Inclusion, Diversity & equity