KPMG N.V. Integrated report 2022/2023

People | Rali Genova
We need to prioritize inclusion in order to solve the complex challenges of today.

To create a positive impact on both our clients and society, we need to focus on our people by prioritizing inclusion, diversity and equity. The complex challenges of today can only be solved by diverse, multi-disciplinary teams who challenge each other and think out-of-the-box.

ESG | Elisabeth Bakker
Crucial for our planet’s future, we combine knowledge and data to protect and restore biodiversity.

By combining our ESG strategy with Naturalis’ academic knowledge and access to data, we advance biodiversity. This is crucial for our planet’s future. Together with clients, we take our responsibility to contribute to a future in which businesses and environment thrive together.

Digital & Innovation | Alexandra van der Tuin
Digital innovation stimulates our creativity, offering valuable solutions to both clients and society.

Digital innovation stimulates our creativity, not only offering valuable solutions to both clients and society but also increasing employee effectiveness. At the heart of our digital journey, we invest in (tech) alliance partnerships, upskilling our staff, and collaborating with clients in our innovation center.

Future of audit | Aram Falticeanu
By automating repetitive tasks, we allow our people and clients to focus on the human side of audit.

By automating the review of financial data and repetitive tasks, we create more time for the complex and human side of audits. This results in more impactful societal decisions and strengthening trust.

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