Building public trust

Trust enables us to set ambitions, execute our strategy and reach our goals. We know that without trust, we cannot grow and maintain our business. Our aim, ultimately, is to be the most trusted and trustworthy firm in our industry. Over the past year, we have worked hard to further improve the quality of our work, finalizing the roll-out of KPMG Clara (new window) and reducing workloads for our auditors. At the same time, we want to be recognized as a responsible corporate citizen. So, during 2022/2023, we continued to invest in local communities, worked to further reduce our environmental footprint, and expanded our ESG practice to support both clients and our people to understand the consequences of ESG on their operations.

Our priorities for PUBLIC TRUST in 2022/2023


Continue to make improvements in quality, including in compliance and digital audit


Address answer sharing related to mandatory training tests (new window)


Proactively engage with our stakeholders and fuel sector debates on how to improve (audit) quality and related topics such as ESG, digital and innovation


Make optimal use of our new System of Quality Management (new window) and finalize deployment of KPMG Clara (new window)


Be a thought leader in the Netherlands for both Assurance and Advisory


Be a recognized leader in ESG

Material topics for public trust

  • Ongoing focus on (audit) quality

  • ESG developments: Impact on clients, Impact on environment, Impact on society