Our workforce

We rely on nearly 4,200 skilled professionals[1] (4,067 average FTEs (new window)) across our business functions to deliver value to our clients and society. They define who we are as a company. Their work drives trust, impact and growth – inside and outside KPMG N.V..

  • Of total headcount 84% work full-time and 16% part-time. Additionally, we have 199 (2021/2022: 138) interns and 660 (2021/2022: 1,088) subcontractors. The subcontractors work on a temporary basis in our three business functions for temporary capacity expansion or adding specific expertise to assignments in scarce skills areas. Full-time and part-time employees are entitled to the same benefits. Subcontractors and interns have different contracts to full- and part-time employees, which do not entitle them to certain KPMG N.V benefits, such as pensions, holiday accrual, variable pay and the mobility scheme.
  • 1,484 women have permanent contracts, compared to 2,142 men. 333 women have temporary contracts, versus 336 men. Within Assurance, 1,847 professionals have permanent contracts, in Advisory 1,342 and in Business Services 437. Within Assurance we have 346 professionals with temporary contracts, 222 in Advisory and 101 in Business Services.

Our values

We have instilled a set of values to guide our actions and decisions, as well as the way we work with each other, our clients and other stakeholders.

  • 1 Professional is used throughout this report to refer to any employee who is part of the KPMG N.V. workforce.