Public trust

Public trust is the first – and most important – pillar of our strategy. Retaining trust depends ultimately on the quality of our assurance and advisory services. Our ambition is to be the most trusted and most trustworthy firm in the industry.

In effect, public trust provides our social license to operate – it is also a prerequisite for the growth of our business and vital if we are to attract and retain the talent we need to execute our strategy. At the same time, we want to be recognized as a responsible corporate citizen, reducing our environment footprint, giving back to local communities and building a cultural diverse and inclusive workforce – all issues that we also work on with clients. We believe it is important that we practice what we preach.

Over the past year, we have made important progress in these areas. We have put in place a new Global Quality Framework, maintained our high scores in both internal and external reviews and started to roll out KPMG Clara – a new digital platform that will make our audits even smarter, quicker and more consistent. We have also made significant progress with our Impact Plan (new window), set up a new ESG Innovation Institute (new window) with Nyenrode Business Universiteit and continued to support social causes in training and education.

We believe our current multidisciplinary model, combining Assurance (new window) and Advisory (new window), is key to continued public trust. With this model, we have a resilient business, able to respond to new challenges and demands, and allowing us to invest, innovate and attract and retain the talent we need to execute our strategy.


What were our priorities for 2022?

Continue to improve audit quality – and make progress towards a fully-digital audit

Adopt a new system of quality management and begin our implementation of KPMG Clara

Be a thought leader in both Assurance and Advisory

Integrate ESG fully into our business planning – and step up communications to clients and other stakeholders

Material topics for Public trust

  • Ongoing focus on audit quality

  • Increased focus on ESG issues among clients and regulators

See Management of our material topics (new window) for information on how we manage potential risks and opportunities on this issue.

Material KPIs for Public trust


Assurance engagements rated 'compliant' in internal reviews


Partner involvement in engagements with public interest entities (PIEs)


Average number of hours audit professionals spent in training 

Assurance engagements rated 'compliant' in internal reviews: based on selected sample of engagements.