Ultimately, our success depends on attracting and retaining the right people to work for KPMG N.V. Currently, the professional services sector is facing serious skills shortages. Over the past year, we have stepped up recruitment, created career paths for those in technology and continued to invest in learning & development – a reflection of our ‘love for talent’. We are also working to ensure a safe, healthy and inclusive work environment to aid recruitment and retention, support growth and improve decision-making. We have increased gender diversity targets for senior management and our Supervisory Board (new window) – and introduced a Workforce Shaping initiative to increase flexibility and skills development.  


What were our priorities for 2022?

Continue to engage and develop our workforce

Enhance leadership capabilities within the firm

Improve strategic workforce planning, and make it more flexible

Harness the distinctiveness of our culture and inclusion

Material topics for People

  • Well-being of our workforce, both mental and physical

  • Skills shortages in the audit sector and wider Dutch economy

See Management of our material topics (new window) for information on how we manage potential risks and opportunities on this issue.

Material KPIs for People


Employee engagement score (2021 Global People Survey)


Retention rate among KPMG professionals


Percentage of women at partner/director level

Retention rate among KPMG professionals: including Advisory, Assurance and Shared Services. Based on percentage of staff still in employment at end of financial year 2021/2022.