Digital & innovation

In recent years, our business has become increasingly driven by data and digital technology. We are digitizing many of our processes and systems as part of our target operating model initiative, as well as investing more in our cyber defenses and looking to expand our digital offering to clients. With the introduction of KPMG Clara, we are moving closer to a data-driven audit. New technology can help our business by increasing efficiency, speeding up ‘time to market’ and generating new insights for clients. Most importantly, it frees up our professionals to focus on what matters most: using their knowledge and expertise to support clients – a combination of data technology and human analysis, skepticism and communication. In 2022, we also put in place a technology roadmap, focused on three main objectives: building a truly digital workplace, strengthening our cybersecurity and making use of new, emerging technologies.


What were our priorities for 2022?

Design and build an effective ‘digital backbone’ for the business

Enhance our digital offering to clients, working closely with other KPMG member firms

Strengthen digital skills among employees and support a culture of innovation

Material topic for Digital & Innovation

  • Growing use of digital technologies throughout the economy

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Material topics for Digitial & Innovation

EUR 14 million

Investment in digital & innovation

EUR 77.9 million

Revenue from our Technology practice


Projects in our Innoway innovation pipeline