The past year has been difficult for many businesses. Covid-19 appears to be largely behind us, but war in Ukraine has brought rising costs and fears of an economic slowdown. At the same time, many of our clients are having to adjust to changing social attitudes and the reality of climate change, switching to new, more sustainable business models. KPMG is well-positioned to support client needs in these areas, particularly in sectors such as financial services and infrastructure, government & healthcare, where we have acknowledged expertise. Over the past year, we worked with clients on big issues: we continued to position ourselves as the digital auditor, invested more in ESG and managed services, and extended our Connected, Powered, Trusted offering.


What were our priorities for 2022?

Focus on priority sectors and markets

Offer a unique and consistent client experience

Take a more joined-up Audit-Advisory approach to mandatory audit rotations

Material topics for clients

  • Growing use of digital technologies throughout the economy

  • Increased focus on ESG issues among clients and regulators

  • Impact of the war in Ukraine on the economic and business environment

See Management of our material topics (new window) for information on how we manage potential risks and opportunities on this issue.

Material KPIs for clients


Client satisfaction for KPMG N.V. 


Net Promoter Score for KPMG N.V. 

7 out of 10

Audit contracts won in Mandatory Firm Rotations since 2020