Strategy, performance and outlook

Our business environment

We operate in a highly complex environment – the world around us is changing, more quickly than at any time in history. New social attitudes are emerging to both work and diversity. Read more over Our business environment

Our strategy

We have called our strategy Trust & Growth: Read more over Our strategy

Our material topics

Every year we carry out an assessment of our operating environment. Read more over Our material topics

Value creation

As a company, our aim is to create value for stakeholders and society. Overall, our work helps build trust in financial markets, supports economic growth, and improves management of important environmental, social and governance issues. Read more over Value creation

Public trust

Public trust is the first – and most important – pillar of our strategy. Retaining trust depends ultimately on the quality of our assurance and advisory services. Our ambition is to be the most trusted and most trustworthy firm in the industry. Read more over Public trust


Ultimately, our success depends on attracting and retaining the right people to work for KPMG N.V. Currently, the professional services sector is facing serious skills shortages. Read more over People


The past year has been difficult for many businesses. Covid-19 appears to be largely behind us, but war in Ukraine has brought rising costs and fears of an economic slowdown. Read more over Clients

Digital & innovation

In recent years, our business has become increasingly driven by data and digital technology. Read more over Digital & innovation

Financial strength

We have set ourselves a clear objective for financial performance: to continue sustainable growth from both our Assurance and Advisory businesses. Read more over Financial strength


Going into 2023, the Dutch economy is expected to slow down; the OECD is projecting growth of just 1.1%. Inevitably, some sectors will perform better than others. Read more over Outlook