In Control Statement

The measures and procedures that serve as the basis for the system of quality controls for KPMG Accountants N.V., as outlined in this report, aim to provide a reasonable degree of assurance that the statutory audits carried out by the firm comply with relevant laws and regulations.

Because of its inherent limitations, the system of quality controls is not intended to provide absolute assurance that non-compliance with relevant laws and regulations would be prevented or detected. The Board of Management has considered:

  • The design and operation of the system of quality controls, as described in this report;

  • The findings from the various compliance programs operated by the firm (including the KPMG International compliance programs and local compliance monitoring programs);

  • Findings from regulatory and internal inspections;

  • Subsequent follow-up and/or remedial actions, in particular those relating to quality improvement, as also explained in this report.

Taking this into account, the Board of Management confirms with a reasonable level of assurance that the system of quality controls within the firm operates effectively, and a structured process is in place to ensure that our professionals maintain their level of knowledge and skills, including continuous professional education. Further, the Board of Management confirms that an internal review of independence compliance within the firm has been conducted.

Amstelveen, 15 December 2022
Stephanie Hottenhuis, Marc Broskij, Edwin Herrie, Marc Hogeboom