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KPMG N.V. Integrated report 2020/2021

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Financial strength - Our performance

2020/2021 was again a year of considerable economic uncertainty. Despite this, clients and staff maintained their trust in us. As a result, over the past year, we were able to focus fully on our strategic priorities.

Our approach to value creation

As a company, our aim is to create value for stakeholders and society. This value may be economic, social or environmental in nature.


In 2021, the economy began to recover from the Covid-19 crisis; that recovery should continue in 2022, with the Dutch economy expected to grow by around 3.2% (following +3.8% in 2021)1.


Our system of governance is based on checks and balances; these help ensure we take the best possible decisions.

Members of our Board of Management

CEO and Chair of the Board of Management

Members of the Supervisory Board

Chair of the Supervisory Board (until 30 November 2021) Member of the Assurance Quality Committee

Letter of the departing chair of the Supervisory Board

The coronavirus pandemic and its unpredictable consequences were necessarily the central theme of the firm’s 2019/2020 report.

Supervisory Board report

The Supervisory Board is responsible for overseeing and advising the Board of Management, with a view to protecting public interest and creating long-term value for the firm’s stakeholders. This includes advising on KPMG N.V.

Supervisory Board activities

During the year, the Supervisory Board worked closely with the Board of Management in several key areas:

Supervisory Board committees

The Supervisory Board operates through three committees: Assurance Quality, Audit & Risk and Remuneration and Appointment. The terms of reference for these committees may be found online.

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