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KPMG N.V. Integrated report 2020/2021

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Public trust - Our performance

Over recent years, we have seen a steady improvement in quality – this is borne out by the results of both internal and external inspections.

Audit quality indicators

The AQI table has been prepared in accordance with the guidelines from the NBA, the Royal Netherlands Institute of Chartered Accountants (or in Dutch: Koninklijke Nederlandse Beroepsorganisatie van Accountants).

Stakeholder dialogue

We maintain constant dialogue with our stakeholders; this helps us understand their needs, build trust, define value creation, as well as identify specific risks and opportunities for our business.


The world of work is changing rapidly – our success depends on attracting and retaining the brightest and the best.

People - Our performance

At the heart of our approach is our corporate culture – this is key to implementing our values and achieving our ambitions.


The past two years have been difficult for many businesses – Covid-19 has reshaped much of our economy.

Clients - Our performance

With the Covid-19 crisis, our clients have had to adapt to profound changes in the economy. Many sectors are restructuring; we have seen an increase in digitalisation, pressure on supply chains and more regulation.

Digital & innovation

Business is becoming more digital – the recent pandemic has only accelerated that trend. We are convinced that technology is fundamentally changing the way many companies do business.

Digital & innovation - Our performance

Among clients, demand for our digital services is growing. In Advisory, revenue from our technology practice over the past two years has increased by nearly 20%.

Financial strength

Our goal is to increase long-term profitability – and to balance a short-term focus with the need for future growth. To do this, we believe firmly in investing in our business – our investment programme is targeted at our five strategic focus areas.

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