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Stakeholder dialogue

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We maintain constant dialogue with our stakeholders; this helps us understand their needs, build trust, define value creation, as well as identify specific risks and opportunities for our business. We engage with our stakeholders through regular meetings, conferences, events and surveys. Naturally, the number of in-person meetings with stakeholders has declined because of the Covid-19 pandemic; this was offset by a corresponding increase in online meetings.

Stakeholder groups (in alphabetical order)


Methods of engagement

Clients (and their stakeholders)

Clients pay fees in return for our products and services, delivering trust on their (non-) financial information for their stakeholders.


Employees provide their time, skills and knowledge to the firm. In return, they receive salaries, benefits and opportunities for career advancement. 

  • Global People Survey (supported by regular Pulse surveys)

  • Continuous dialogue with Works’ Council

  • Regular performance reviews

  • Internal communications

  • Training & education programmes

  • Diversity and inclusion groups

  • Collaboration with our KPMG Young Board

Equity partners

Equity partners provide the financial capital we need to run our business -– as well as management and technical skills. In return, they receive a share of our profits.

  • Quarterly partner meetings to discuss financial and operating performance

  • General shareholder meetings and with the Management Board of Coöperatie KPMG U.A.

  • Regular performance reviews

  • Training & education programmes

  • Partners also participate in the GPS /pulse surveys

Graduates and professionals

We hire graduates and experienced professionals to support our business – in return, they have access to attractive new career opportunities.

  • Detailed careers section on website

  • In-house days and other KPMG events

KPMG network

We maintain a close working relationship with KPMG International and other KPMG member firms.

Professional bodies and academia

Professional bodies and academia provide insights into quality standards and possible improvements in our approach, systems and processes.

  • KPMG representatives in professional associations and other bodies

  • KPMG staff active in universities and business schools

Regulators, politicians and other standard-setters

Regulators, politicians and standard-setters act on behalf of society; they provide our operating framework and independent assessment of our work.

  • Regular inspections by the Dutch Financial Market Authority (AFM) and the US Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB)

  • Participation in public conferences, debates etc.

  • Feedback on proposed legislation and rule changes (including current government proposals for audit quality review)

  • Meetings with AFM take place quarterly (or more frequently, if required).

Society and local communities

Society provides us with access to markets and labour, as well as our social ‘licence to operate’.

  • Engagement through support for community initiatives (e.g. Jan Hommen Scholarship, Refugee Hub)

  • Thought leadership – through publications, surveys and insight articles

  • Media appearances, press releases, and engagement with journalists

Suppliers and business partners

Suppliers provide products and services we need to run our business – we also work with business partners to develop new solutions.

  • Regular engagement during activities / contracts