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Public trust

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Public trust is the first pillar of our strategy. That is because trust is prerequisite for the growth of our business. Our ambition is to be the most trusted – and most trustworthy – firm in our profession. Trust is not only vital for business growth, it’s also vital if we are to attract and retain the right talent – a crucial issue for our industry. To build public trust, we need to maintain the highest possible professional standards. We also want to be recognised as a socially-responsible corporate citizen.

Our priorities

At the beginning of the year, we set out clear priorities for Public trust:

  • Continue to improve results from our quality assessments for both our assurance and advisory businesses

  • Engage stakeholders and add value to the current debate on proposed audit reform in the Netherlands

  • Focus on the implementation of ISQM 1 and the firm’s new KPMG Clara Workflow program (KCw)

  • Differentiate the KPMG brand in two key areas: on trust itself and on use of digital technologies

  • Further enhance the firm’s reputation through thought leadership

Key performance indicators

You can read more about our performance in this area here. For our Audit Quality Indicators (AQIs), click here.

Material topics

  • Integrity & independence (including ethics, implementation of GDPR, reputable conduct)

  • Quality & transparency (quality standards, culture and improvement)

  • Societal impact (environmental footprint, ‘giving back to the community’)