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In 2021, the economy began to recover from the Covid-19 crisis; that recovery should continue in 2022, with the Dutch economy expected to grow by around 3.2% (following +3.8% in 2021)[1]. Inevitably, some sectors will do better than others, including digital & IT, infrastructure and healthcare. Businesses will also have to contend with continued supply chain pressures and the end of government financial support. Certain trends will remain, post-Covid-19: the use of data and digital technologies, for example, more flexible working practices and increased emphasis on social and environmental issues.

As KPMG N.V., we have clear priorities, going into 2022, covering each of our five strategic focus areas; these priorities are included in our business plan for the new year: Driving the Momentum Together. This plan is about building on recent progress – and making sure we continue to add value for our clients, people and society as a whole.

During the new year, we will again be making significant investments in staffing, quality and innovation. We foresee a 5-10% increase in the number of staff across our business functions in 2021/2022 compared to 30 September 2021. We’ll also make the most of our partnerships – and further integrate Business Services, in part through increased digitalisation. Key projects will be rolled out in cybersecurity and data management; we will also deploy our new, integrated service management platform.

Priorities for 2021/2022

Public Trust

To continue to improve audit quality, make further progress towards our North Star objective and finalise the roll-out of KCw


To continue to attract and retain the best people - and invest more in leadership, culture and inclusion in a hybrid workplace


To strengthen growth in key sectors – and make expertise in ESG & Sustainability a key differentiator for KPMG

Digital & innovation

To design and build an effective IT backbone, and make sure we have the right skills in new data and digital technologies

Financial strength

To re-invent our target operating models, pursue long-term, profitable growth and continue to invest in innovation and people

  • 1 Source: World Economic Outlook (International Monetary Fund, October 2021)