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Our approach to value creation

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How we create value

As a company, our aim is to create value for stakeholders and society. This value may be economic, social or environmental in nature. For example, we provide quality products and services for our clients; we offer our employees a good working environment, with clear opportunities for career progression. Our work also supports economic growth and helps build trust in financial markets. To create this value, we draw on resources – most of all the skill, know-how and expertise of our people.

How to read our value creation model

The diagram below shows our value creation model (VCM) – it consists of three distinct sections: inputs, outputs and benefits. Inputs relate to the resources we need to operate our business; outputs and benefits show the value we aim to create for stakeholders and society; the centre shows our business activities. Our VCM is based on the Integrated Reporting (IR) Framework, published by the Value Reporting Foundation. Instead of the Framework’s ‘capitals’, we have built the VCM around our five strategic focus areas as more relevant to our business.

Click here for our full value creation model.

More information on our contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is available in the appendix Reporting principles.