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The past two years have been difficult for many businesses – Covid-19 has reshaped much of our economy. As the Covid-19 crisis develops, we do see opportunities for us to grow in sectors where we have recognised expertise, and where we can help clients adjust to the new reality. We will do this by continuing to roll out new products and services, and by helping clients digitalise their systems and processes. Increasingly, we are positioning ourselves in the Netherlands as the digital auditor. At the same time, internally, using data and technology will make us more efficient and, more importantly, free up time for our professionals to concentrate on what matters most – the personal contact with clients. 

Our priorities

For Clients, we’ve identified four main priorities:

  • Drive growth in key sectors – and strengthen our market orientation

  • Offer a unique and consistent client experience across all industries

  • Ensure we lead in selected product and growth areas

  • Activate client teams to stay competitive in securing new audit rotation contracts

Key performance indicators

Material topic

  • Client satisfaction (including client experience, growth areas, selected propositions)

You can read more about our performance in this area here.