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Our business

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Who we are

KPMG N.V. is one of the Netherlands’ leading providers of assurance and advisory services. We are part of the global KPMG network, operating in nearly 150 countries worldwide.

We work with public sector, private sector and civil society clients – our clients include some of the best-known companies in industries ranging from financial services and retail to energy, infrastructure and healthcare. Through our work, we play an essential role in ensuring public trust in our companies, institutions and financial markets.

Our main businesses

We have two main lines of business: Assurance and Advisory. Approximately 60% of our revenue comes from our assurance business. Both Assurance and Advisory are supported by our Business Services function. KPMG N.V. has twelve offices across the Netherlands, including the firm’s headquarters at Amstelveen. In addition, KPMG offers tax advisory services through KPMG Meijburg N.V., also part of the KPMG network[1].

Our values

It’s not just about what we do, but how we do it. We believe in People-driven Progress – in other words, progress that is good for both people and society. We have five values that are at the heart of our approach to business. These values apply to all KPMG member firms worldwide.

  • 1 Please note that KPMG Meijburg N.V., though a member of the KPMG network, is not part of KPMG N.V. and is therefore not covered by this report.