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Organisational structure

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Assurance covers both audit and non-financial assurance; we audit financial statements, accounts, reports and other regulatory disclosures. Our assurance business comprises five main units:

  • Corporate Clients

  • Financial Services

  • Public Sector & Healthcare

  • International Business

  • Private Enterprises

Through our advisory business, we help clients manage risk, improve strategy and performance, digitalise their systems and processes – and seize new opportunities for growth. Our advisory business is organised by ‘suites’, reflecting the different aspects of our work:

  • Strategy & Operations

  • Deals

  • Finance & Business Services

  • Risk & Regulatory

  • Technology

In 2020/2021, FTEs totalled to 3,490, which is -3% compared to the previous year. The average age of our workforce was 36 years, unchanged compared to 2019/2020.

How our business works

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Business model
Benefits for society
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KPMG’s global network

KPMG has offices around the world. At the end of 2020/2021, nearly 227,000 people were working for KPMG member firms.

Legally, as KPMG N.V., we are separate from KPMG International. We operate independently, which means we are responsible for our own business and how we manage it. In many countries, regulated businesses, such as audit, must be locally owned and managed. As a result, KPMG member firms do not, and cannot, operate as a multinational would. KPMG International’s activities are funded by amounts paid by member firms.

As a member firm, we abide by common values – we also comply with KPMG International’s policies, regulations and standards. Working with KPMG International gives us access to KPMG expertise and resources worldwide. Shares in KPMG N.V. are held by the firm’s equity partners via a structure called Coöperatie KPMG U.A. During 2020/2021, we had a total of 145 equity partners[1].

  • 1 Up from 142 in 2019/2020. Based on annual average FTEs.