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Supervisory Board activities

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During the year, the Supervisory Board worked closely with the Board of Management in several key areas:

  • Strategy & value creation (implementation of the firm’s long-term vision and strategy; digital & innovation; business growth; regulatory developments; new business models and services, and the firm’s brand image)

  • Quality & independence (implementation of a vision and strategy for quality; policies, controls and measures to further improve quality; protecting the firm’s independence and supporting a broader culture of quality within the firm)

  • Culture (helping the Board of Management create a culture within KPMG N.V. that encourages high performance, innovation and integrity; supporting greater openness, diversity and integrity; encouraging employees to show strong ownership and leadership).

Meetings in 2020/2021

During the year, the Supervisory Board held seven meetings. Each meeting began with a closed preparatory session. Meetings were well attended. Overall, the attendance rate was 99%; no member was frequently absent.

The meetings dealt with a number of topics – some identified as part of the Board’s annual planning, others relating to events or developments during the year. The Board’s agenda is determined by its tasks and responsibilities, regulatory and /or social developments and specific areas of focus relevant to the firm. Principal topics discussed in 2020/2021 were:

  • Covid-19: several informal meetings were held with the Board of Management to discuss the effect of the pandemic on the firm’s organisation and planning investments

  • Public trust: regular ‘deep dives’ were organised to discuss issues related to public trust (as these affected our businesses, digital & innovation and markets)

  • Trust & Growth strategy: the Board regularly reviewed progress with the firm’s strategy, focusing particularly on quality and digital & innovation)

  • Integrated annual report: the Board discussed the external auditor’s report prior to publication (in the presence of both the auditor and the Board of Management).